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In preparation for Burns Night, first go at a Cranachan based drink Cranachini

Raspberry Vodka: 200ml vodka 150g raspberries

crush raspberies, place in a cream whipper with the vodka. Charge with 1 capsule nitrous, leave for 1 minute to infuse, then release the gas and strain. Don't leave too long, or it gets bitter. Add sugar/syrup to taste.

Honey whisky cream: Honey, whisky, clotted cream. I used a Chardonnay finished Glen Moray for a rich dried fruit flavour.

Cherry oatmeal whip: Soak oatmeal in water Strain off liquid through a cheesecloth. Heat liquid carefully till it looses the raw flavour. Add a little cherry jam to sweeten slightly, a pinch of xanathan to help it keep it's shape, and whip into a foam.

Layer in a glass - vodka, then whisky cream and oat foam on top.

Needs a bit of work, but the ideas are in there...

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