RT @entretags: "Can artists reorder algorithms, data and situations to open possibilities to radically new concepts and paradigms?" @toodre… — 1 month 4 hours ago
Algorithmic imaginaries from @entretags at @zkmkarlsruhe with @toodrew and @vaishakbelle @DesignInf https://t.co/Xnu9PewKC11 month 4 hours ago
First talk about our experiential AI paper at @zkmkarlsruhe with @toodrew @vaishakbelle and @entretags @DesignInfhttps://t.co/O1rdttnZIv1 month 5 hours ago
Where the design in 'privacy by design'? @throughthegate arguing for bring in participatory, critical and speculati… https://t.co/S2gP8o0M3t1 month 1 week ago
Second presentation from @zezhong_w , looking at the effectiveness of data comics for telling stories with data… https://t.co/7wk7ae6PMt1 month 1 week ago