RT @t_preis: Want to work as a Research Associate in #DataScience with @StevenBishopUCL on a grant with @suzymoat & me? http://t.co/dxvMRpA… — 6 years 4 days ago
Who wants to do some welding? :) http://t.co/L6DkLQOIsO6 years 4 days ago
One for the cymatics crew: https://t.co/VTRsowyQDQ6 years 5 days ago
#biofilia livestream back online. Agnes Meyer-Brandis taking about subterranean ice probes and Moon Geese http://t.co/Ms7Bmofzce6 years 6 days ago
Visualising solar wind data with the polarbot and http://t.co/ObgiTneW5n: http://t.co/jazJoAj4Dk #cursivedata — 6 years 2 months ago